• Erik Gutjens

Meet Sjors :-)

Updated: Apr 5

We moved to the small village of Rickenbach in late 2019. It's quite an old Village with approximately 800 people. It used to be farms for the most part but in the last years more and more of these old farms got turned in to new Apartments. There are still a few left, and one of them peeked our interest. The neighbours told us the owners of this farm died a few years back and because there was no next of kin the place has been abandoned since. Well, when I say abandoned, it's not completely empty. The cat's still there! I think we first saw him two years ago and he was very shy at the time. I noticed the front door had a hole cut out of it and the neighbours put out some food and milk for him. Since then we go by a couple of times a week and he's become quite fond of us. Last time I brought my camera and turns out he's quite photogenic too!