• Erik Gutjens

A little Polestar trip

Since I’ve started a small crew a last year for Polestar owners in Switzerland I’ve gotten to know quite a few new people. All very nice people with one great thing in common; we all own a proper, Polestar Engineered Volvo. Just to clarify: I’m talking about the rare breed of track-ready cars, which not only came packed with Ohlin springs, Brembo brakes and, depending on year and model, an active exhaust system and gearbox. To top this all of the engines have been remapped, bigger turbos fitted and a nice sporty trim.

One of my crew members lives right near me in the small city of Olten. So every now and then we get together and today was one of those times! Just a small trip in the area and a short photo stop at an abandoned Spa. Check it out!